Winter Care Package
Winter Care Package
Winter Care Package

Winter Care Package

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  • Black Chai 50g
  • Immune Boost 50g
  • Peaceful Sleep 50g
  • Handmade tea soap with all natural ingredients and Tiny Tea Shop teas.
  • One stainless steel tea infuser
  • Art postcard of tinyteashop by

This package is specially put together for supporting you through your cold winters,
packed with immune boosting spices and herbs to strengthen and ward off cold, flu and nasty pathogens. Also energy boosting for a sluggish season.

Black Chai for the start of your day as the spices warms your body, stimulates metabolism, digestion and immunity along with the antioxidants of the black tea.

Immune Boost packed with immune strengthening herbs and tonic to drink through the day while you’re working, taking care of your kids at home, outside gardening, etc.

Peaceful Sleep Blend with calming and sedative effect to help you unwind into a peaceful night’s sleep, so you can restore, repair and replenish. Excellent winter support and maintenance.

Valued at $57. Limit 10 available: $40 only.