Tea Ceremonies


Conducted by Patsie Smith (Owner/creator of Tiny Tea Shop) 

By appointment and booking. 

Tea ceremony is an intimate and peaceful ritual in the art of preparing and  drinking tea which dates back to the far east as old as the18th century. It's  conducted in a ceremonial context as a way of honouring guests. Teas are  valued as the noble herb in the east and the art of preparing and brewing tea  

Includes a mindful and meditative process for mind, body and soul.  

The Tea ceremony at Tiny Tea Shop is uniquely designed along the fusion of  Chinese and Japanese traditions, with an introduction into the eastern greens  and tea culture, for the west. It will be conducted by the proprietor of Tiny Tea  Shop ~ Patsie Smith (who's of eastern heritage and a passionate tea lover  and curator). 

The duration of the Eastern Tea Ceremony is about 90 minutes. All equipment, tea wares and teas are included.  

The hostess will also be dressed in traditional eastern tea ceremony attire. 


For enquiries, further details and bookings, contact us here to book