White Silver Tip/Needle

White Silver Tip/Needle

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The most natural of teas, the young buds of the Camelia sinensis, named White Tea because the young buds still has its fine covering of hairy down. Hand picked and then gently sun dried, it's the least processed of teas, hence higher in antioxidants than green tea or oolongs.

Silver Tips/Needles are the tips of the unopened young buds. Young, soft, delicate it exudes a subtle and elegant hint of honey notes when it reaches the peak of its brew. Harvested only once a year in spring, and painstakingly plucked between the pads of the fingers so as to not break them. The purest of all pure teas, White Teas are appreciated and loved by very discerning tea lovers and conoisseurs. 

Source: Handcrafted by artisan Tea Estate in Ceylon.

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