Teas for your Children and Babies

What teas are good for children?

Can I give my baby/child Tea?

How do I make teas for kids ? 

Yes you certainly may!

Teas are dried botanicals, and each plant contains its own health and healing properties. So its good to be informed on what their properties are and how to brew them. Typically two important factors to note when introducing teas to or enjoying teas with children:

1. Use less leaves or teas to brew up a softer weaker infusion. About a quarter to half a teaspoon instead of the amount you would make for yourself. Or use the second steep of the tea, or water them down. For babies, even just one spoonful diluted in a cup of water is enough. Children are small in size and their systems and organs are pure and clean, so a little affects them lots. Note responses, effects, or allergies if any, at first use. 

2. If you prefer to keep your little ones away from caffeine, then use Non caffeinated teas like Rooibos, Honeybush, and herbals. See our Non Caffeinated Teas section and read the accompanying info on the properties of the tea. Sidenote: South Africans have always fed their children, including babies, Rooibos, packed with antioxidants. As little ones enter into childhood, caffeine in tea doesn't harm them if not consumed close to bedtime. Most of us have fond memories of having cuppa tea with grandma or mum. Firstly the caffeine in tea isn't a jittery type, it's a calm alertness, as it's balanced out by the L-Theanine also present in tea, which is calming on the nervous system. 

Preferably use pure teas, as babies and children's tastebuds are pure and sensitive, they will detect the subtle notes in pure teas. If you must, ocassionally a flavoured tea is Ok but ensure they aren't synthetic flavours used in the tea. Read info or tea labels. 

Absolutely use Certified Organic or at least pesticide free teas. They deserve the best. Don't give your little one anything you wouldn't drink yourself. 

3. Foster the art and ritual of making and partaking tea with your little one. Young lives are pure essence, in-the-moment beings constantly exploring and learning about life and their world. Instilling into them this beautiful yet simple art from young will ground them with something they can always carry with them or return to as they grow into adults in this ever increasing demanding world. A love for tea fosters a love for nature, as teas are plants, and the art of enjoying tea slows them down, and allows their mind, body and spirit to center.

It will also create memories and form a bond with you as they continue to grow and mature. Get a toy teaset or use a safe unbreakable cup and allow that special time with your little one in setting up the teawares, brewing together and drinking tea. If you have fresh herbs in your garden, pick them and brew them up. If you haven't, browse through our Online Store and pick some simple teas.

Teas like Chamomile is a great one to begin with. It's gentle, calming, relaxing, antiinflammatory and good for the tummy. Mothers and grandmothers in Europe have given their babies and children teas like Chamomile, Calendula and Lavender since the beginning of times. Again, ensure only a soft brew, especially the first time, and observe for effects or possible allergies, if any. If none and it helps your baby or child's wellbeing, then you may safely add that to their regular healthy beverage menu. 

So enjoy your cuppa yourself, in solitude, when they've gone down for their little nap or end-of-day  sleep. Or enjoy cultivating a love for the beauty and wellbeing of partaking tea with your little precious one, or ones. 

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