Tea Ideas for Xmas

I think you would agree that this end of year 2020 will be one of silent celebration glazed with deep gratitude. It has been a tumultuous year of changes and unpredictability.

Many of us may or may not be able to be with all whom we love this holiday season. Some may have also lost or know people who have lost those they love. Life is always uncertain, yet this year uncertainty confronts us loud and clear. Yet we solemnly celebrate that life is still abundant, takes care of itself and does itself.

Soon we will hold our loved ones again. Soon we may feel somewhat a little safer and certain again. Perhaps. Or not. Yet life goes on. So whether you're celebrating or not, I'm constantly reminded of this quote...

"If you have food in your fridge, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75% of the people in the world. If you have money in the bank, in your wallet and some spare change, you are among the top 8% of the world's wealthy. "

May I add, if you and your loved ones are currently safe, well and healthy, you simply, naturally breathe with gratitude. 

So some ideas on what you can do with Teas over this holiday period:

* Iced Teas - in the southern hemisphere (well here in Oz our summer gets stinking hot), a swim then BBQ meals and salads are the go. If you'd like a refreshing alternative to too much beers or wines, fruit juices or the dreaded soft drinks, or just plain water (which is super awesome anyways), try Iced Teas with any of your favourite teas. Add some ice blocks to chilled teas, and some chopped up fruits and the kids will live you too. Our Berries of the Forest, Lemongrass and Ginger, and Honeybush Teas are some of the favourites. 

For entertaining, you may also add a dash or two of your favourite spirit and make it into a punch, or even get creative and make an original cocktail with your chosen tea. Then give it an exciting name! 

* Brew up Kombucha, a well known health craze, check out my past blog on Kombucha Brewing for recipe and info. Naturally sparkling and refreshing, it's also packed with healthy benefits for your gut and immune system.

* Use teas in cooking or your summer dishes, along with some fresh herbs from your garden. Teas are really dried botanicals, so if you'll like to add a special touch to your foods, check out our native Lemon Myrtle for a citrus touch. Add it to your salads, dressings, or sprinkle onto fish, chicken or roasted vegetables. If you love Smoky flavours, toss in some Lapsang Souchong. Crush or ground up your teas leaves and toss, sprinkle or mix them into your dishes, or make a cake with them.

* Hot Green teas like China Green, Jasmine Green and Japanese Sencha are beautiful, soft and cleansing teas to drink accompanying any meal or at the end of a meal. As our foods are generally rich and heavy, and most of us tend to overeat over this holiday period, Green teas washes down the foods and helps metabolises fats. Serve them in your beautiful teawares and they add an elegant touch to your meals.

* Flat Oolong, Iron goddess Oolong or Puerh are great alternatives after dinner to aid digestion. They also accompany beautiful cheeses or desserts really well too.

* Finally don't forget, if you are a tealover or know a tealover that you care about, nothing brings them more joy than to receive a package in the mail, or to unwrap a gift of beautiful teas or teawares. A brew of tea is "a hug in a cup" so giving that to a tealover says it all. Check out the various Christmas Gift Packages I've put together for you in the Xmas gifts section. 

As we reach the end of this year and as we herald in the new year of 2021, my best wishes to you and yours. Gratitude and resilience we shall carry forward into the the year, as I raise my cup of tea, and toast to you! 

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