Season's Greetings and Peaceful New Year 2024

The art of Eastern Tea Ceremony in the traditions of the Far East is the embodiment of peace and mindfulness. In the Chinese art of Tea, fluidity and flow is a big component. The brewing of multiple rounds of the beautiful leaves of a Green, Oolong or Puerh involves the culture of simultaneous respect and humility. Respect for the leaves, the natural elements and love that has gone into its cultivation. The flow that represents the natural state of life, even if at times it may seem like it's obstructed or contained, it will eventually flow again. 

While you brew your favourite leaves as we wrap up this tumultuous year, with each breath, feel for each person that you love in your life. With each heart beat, sense for every human, animal and living being, as if they are your own. For indeed we are, never have, and always will be, never separate. 

Prepare your teawares by cleaning off the old, discarding what doesn't serve your being, as the empty space allows for the new. Rinse the pot and cups to warm them up ready to receive. Gently scoop the leaves 🍃  and watch them fall freely into your pot. Fresh hot water onto the leaves is the invitation of new intentions, visions and creations, as they activate the leaves and prepare them.

The brewing and steeping is the embodying into your soul and being, the light and compassion that you are, your true nature.

The overflowing of the Tea as it is poured and served is the overflow of you as Our compassionate light, love and unity. As you partake and enjoy in the sip of the texture and flavour, glazed with the notes and aroma, you are filled with gratitude. Gratitude for such deep beauty and richness in diversity. Just as each brew, each leaf, each ritual is so diverse, together it comes together in this stunning tapestry we call life. Tea is life.

As we sit back and and breathe through each round, let's hold the prayer, meditation, intention, hope...

deep in our hearts...

for the flame on the candle to burn and shine with such intensity that nowhere is left the bearing of any shadow. For darkness is simply the absence of light. 

Peace and Light for 2024 🙏

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