Immune Boosting Teas

Immune Boosting Teas are adaptogenic, tonifying, and antioxidative. These blends were specifically put together to create a powerful synergistic effect for the current needs of our present stressful environment.

RESILIENCE Blend - Cert Organic Jiaogulan (Southern ginseng aka Herb of Immortality), ground Tulsi (sacred basil), Licorice, Goji berries, Chrysanthemum blossoms.
Properties: Immune strengthening saponins, antioxidative, adaptogenic, respiratory, antiinflammatory, calming, restorative.
* Licorice protects your respiratory system and digestive but excessive licorice can elevate blood pressure. Not recommended if you suffer from high blood pressure.
* Jiaogulan - Gynostemma pentaphyllum - helps lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar, adaptogenic, contains saponins like in ginseng, increases endurance and stamina, aids respiratory system.
* Tulsi - Ocimum tenuiflorum - Ayurvedic adatogenic herb. Restorative, immune stimulating.

Immune Boost Blend - Cert Organic Lemongrass, Ginger, Siberian ginseng, Echinacea, Spearmint.
Properties: Immune strengthening, restorative, respiratory.

Peaceful Sleep/Knockout Blend - Cert Organic Honeybush, Passionflower, Valerian root, Chamomile, Chrysanthemum, White corn flower petals.
Properties: Sedative, Relaxing, Anti anxiety, antioxidative, calming.

In these present unsettling times of Covid-19 pandemic, we all know about Prevention.
1. Wash your hands lots and properly, with soap and water
2. Don't touch your face
3. Cough or sneeze into your elbow
4. Social distancing
and last but not least, have you remembered the strongest line of defence?

Often the first and the last, your very own Immune System.
Viruses need a host cell to attach to in order to proliferate. Immune system is strengthened by sufficient sleep, Vitamin D from sunshine, exercise, hydration, nutritious foods and at times of duress, extra supplements of some potent herbs. Consuming adaptogenic herbs through powder, capsules or beverage, namely Tea. Do not underestimate the intelligence of your own immune system. Even if you do get sick, a strong immune system will help you heal better and quicker, and perhaps even survive. There is no full guarantee, no absolute cure at the moment but if you give your immune system the best shot, it may and will be able to give you it's best shot.

The ritual of brewing and sitting down to sip your teas will also have a calming effect on your nervous system. Stress and anxiety hampers your immune system, and isn't conducive to your mind and emotional wellbeing. In these times of catastrophic uncertainties and fear, the stresses and anxieties can also lead to sleep issues and insomnia, anxiety attacks or emotional and mental breakdowns. Peaceful Sleep Blend can help support you into a restful sleep, so your body, mind and spirit can replenish, heal and reset.

Stock up your Tea Pantry now, and get a brewing. Some teas like the Immune Boost Blend can be added to a vegetable soup or bone broth for added potency. Wrap a handful up in a muslin cloth with a tie and drop it into your soup. To ensure you draw maximum goodness from your brew of powerful herbs,, make sure you use boiling water, and cover the brew with a lid. The steam is needed to draw it out. Herbs can also be left to brew for as long as you like. Unlike green or black teas, they can't be over brewed. Each batch is also good for multiple brews.

Disclaimer: Teas and these information provided are not a replacement for proper medical treatments. Please consult your qualified physician in cases of illnesses.

Resilience Blend & Peaceful Sleep Blends are in the Tiny Tea Shop Houseblends Category, and Immune Boost is in the Tea & Herb Blends Category, in the Tea Library.

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