Ginkgo Blend

Ginkgo Blend

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A stunning blend of Australian Ginkgo Biloba leaves with Tulsi, Nettle leaf and wildcrafted Nettle root, Linden flowers, Tea flowers, Tienchi panax ginseng root and Rosehip shells. 

Ginkgo Biloba one of the most ancient trees in the world (originated about 290 million years ago) often known as the wisdom tree. Properties: Mind and brain stimulating and enhancing, blood tonic and vasodilator, antioxidative, antiinflammatory.

Tulsi (Ocimum tenuiflorum) aka Holy Basil or Sacred Basil the "Mother of Herbs" a gentle yet powerful adaptogen that works with your mind and body in adapting to environmental stresses.

Tienchi ginseng root (panax notoginseng) is an adaptogen. Properties: blood tonic, immune strengthening, energy and stamina enhancing, herb of longevity. Origin: China. Australian certified organic.

Nettle (urtica diotica) the stinging Nettle plant. Properties: tonifies urinary system, detoxing, diuretic, antiiflammatory.

Linden flowers (Tilia) calms anxiety, aids digestion.

Rosehip shells (Rosa canina) are the fruit of the rose plant. Properties: Vit C, antioxidative, immune strengthening. 

Tea Flowers of the camelia sinensis - packed with antioxidants. 

A blend of powerful herbs. To be consumed in moderation. Please consult your physician if you have any serious medical conditions and discontinue if any allergies present. 

An excellent tea blend for the middle aged or mature healthy individual who likes a complementary tonic and support for their mind, body and spirit. 

Flavour: Herbaceous and earthy, with subtle astringency, glazed with floral and citrus notes.

* Information on the traditional uses and properties of herbs are provided on this site is for educational use only, and is not intended as medical advice. If you have any serious health concerns, please consult your health care practitioner before self-administering herbs.